Janterra Rajesky specializes in providing residential real estate valuations in York, ON as well as commercial real estate appraisals in York, ON. We also offer management and peer/technical review services and a wide range of consulting services, such as feasibility studies, development scenarios (including “as if complete)” and retail sell-off estimates. We can set you up with these consulting services under either hypothetical or extraordinary assumptions depending on the intended use for a piece of residential or commercial property.

Industry-Specific Appraisal Services

Our Experienced Team of Accredited Appraisers and Support Staff Provides the Following:



At Janterra Rajesky, our accredited experts and professionals have comprehensive experience and a complete understanding in their fields when it comes to providing commercial real estate appraisals in York, ON. Our areas of expertise include apartment buildings, shopping centres, office buildings, and industrial properties. We can also serve those searching for appraisal services for both undeveloped and developed land.

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  • Development Advisory
  • Lease Advisory including Lease arbitration and Fair Market Rent
  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Evaluating Large and Diverse portfolios
  • Portfolio Services/Management
  • Complex Property Analysis and Valuation
  • Performing Single Property Analysis
  • Market Analysis and Market Rent Studies
  • Arbitration and Negotiation
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support


  • Appraisals for Income Properties for All Property Types, Including Apartment, Retail, Industrial and Office Buildings
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Due Diligence for Acquisition/Disposition, Full Buy-Out, and Negotiations
  • Vacant Land for Development/Redevelopment, Proposals, Pro Formas, Highest and Best Use, Partial Takings, Permanent, Strata, and Temporary Easements, and Planning Act and Government Purposes
  • Market Rent, Lease Analysis, and Feasibility Studies
  • Appraisals for Single-Family Residences
  • Section 25 Expropriation Act
  • Section 42 and 37 Planning Act


The residential division of Janterra Rajesky focuses on providing our clients with residential real estate valuations in York, ON for single-family homes. We have a broad knowledge of the GTA and Southern Ontario local markets. We can help those looking to conduct an appraisal for any of these purposes:

  • Buying or Selling a Home
  • Curious About the Current Value of a Home
  • Looking to Refinance a Home
  • Making Home Improvements and Renovations
A real estate appraisal is an impartial analysis and evaluation conducted to determine the value of your home and/or property. Accurate residential real estate valuations can make a big difference in mortgage financing and the sale or purchase of property. Residential appraisals can also help you make strategic real estate decisions with your property. The fees charged by Janterra Rajesky for residential real estate valuations are quoted on a property-by-property basis.Call Janterra Rajesky at 905-709-9595 today to obtain commercial real estate appraisals, residential real estate valuations or any of our other appraisal services.

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