Back in early 2015, Janterra Real Estate Advisors, Inc. acquired Rajesky and Associates, Ltd. and formed a new division called Janterra Rajesky. Today, the division includes a team of six appraisers from Rajesky as well as a team of nine appraisers from Janterra. The combined team of property appraisers includes six AACI and two CRA designated members operating out of suburban and downtown locations in Toronto. They provide both residential and commercial real estate valuations in York, ON and the surrounding areas.

Janterra Rajesky can offer extensive appraisal services to public and private companies, in addition to private individuals. We have made our property appraisers in York, ON available to major lending institutions, government agencies, law firms, corporations, accounting firms, and homeowners. We’ve also conducted real estate valuations that have been used for a wide range of purposes, including mortgage financing, litigation support, matrimonial cases, and trust and estate appraisals.

Our Team

Our team consists of dedicated property appraisers in York, ON like Marissa Yee-Liang, CRA. Marisa is a designated Canadian Residential Appraiser with more than 30 years of experience when it comes to appraising single-family homes and undeveloped lots and providing real estate valuations for them. She also handles appraisals for self-contained multiplex buildings for Janterra Rajesky.

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Marisa Yee-Liang, CRA

Extensive Experience, Solid Market Values

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